Minifig D&D Kobolds

The kobolds produced for Minifigs' D&D line are quite nice considering that kobolds were not produced by most manufacturers at the time and so in getting kobolds, one did not have much choice until the production of the Dungeon Dwellers and Grenadier's AD&D lines.

KL1 Two Kobolds with Short Javelins
KL2 Two Kobolds with Spiked Maces
KL3 Two Kobolds with Axes
KL4 Two Kobolds with Swords
KL5 Two Kobolds with Glaive Headed Spears

Pictures of Miniatures


DWF1-14 Dwarves
ELF1-14 Elves
GNL1-8 Gnolls
GNM1-5 Gnomes
GOB1-5 Goblins
HBG1-14 Hobgoblins
HOB1-5 Hobbits
KL1-5 Kobolds
ORC1-14 Orcs
OGR1-4 Ogres
OGM1-4 Ogre Magi
TRL1-2 Trolls

Minifigs Mystical Earth (unofficial LOTR)