Minifig D&D Dwarves

The dwarves produced for Minifigs' D&D line are nothing special with many other manufacturers producing better dwarves at the time. Due to this, they are very rare to come across these days and so more valuable than one would think.  

DWF1 Dwarf with Ox-Tongued Partizan
DWF2 Dwarf swing One-handed Pick
DWF3 Dwarf firing Light Crossbow
DWF4 Dwarf with Handaxe
DWF5 Dwarf with Two-handed Axe
DWF6 Dwarf with Spear
DWF7 Dwarf with Flanged Mace
DWF8 Dwarf swinging Military Pick
DWF9 Dwarf firing Heavy Crossbow
DWF10 Dwarf with Two-handed Axe
DWF11 Dwarf King holding Rod
DWF12 Dwarf blowing Warhorn
DWF13 Dwarf with 2-headed Mattock
DWF14 Dwarf with Bec-de-Corbin

Pictures of Miniatures


DWF1-14 Dwarves
ELF1-14 Elves
GNL1-8 Gnolls
GNM1-5 Gnomes
GOB1-5 Goblins
HBG1-14 Hobgoblins
HOB1-5 Hobbits
KL1-5 Kobolds
ORC1-14 Orcs
OGR1-4 Ogres
OGM1-4 Ogre Magi
TRL1-2 Trolls

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