Minifig D&D Elves

Minifig's Elves were quite indifferent as far as elves are concerned with nothing pointing (such as ears) towards their being elves other than being slightly shorter than human size. Elves may be stamped ELF or simple EL. Minifigs made two elves, High Elves and Wood Elves. The High Elves are helmed, while the Wood Elves are bare headed. Variations were made with the same model number.

ELF1 High Elf with Long Spear
ELF2 High Elf thrusting with Long Spear
ELF3 High Elf firing Bow
ELF3 High Elf with Bow (ELF3 variation)
ELF4 High Elf attacking with Sword
ELF5 High Elf with Two-handed Sword
ELF6 Wood Elf advancing with Bow
ELF7 Wood Elf firing Bow
ELF8 Wood Elf attacking with Sword
ELF9 Wood Elf with Short Sword
ELF9 Wood Elf with Short Sword (variation)
ELF10 Wood Elf with Short Spear
ELF11 High Elf King
ELF12 Wood Elf King
ELF13 High Elf Noble
ELF14 High Elf Guardsman

Pictures of Miniatures


DWF1-14 Dwarves
ELF1-14 Elves
GNL1-8 Gnolls
GNM1-5 Gnomes
GOB1-5 Goblins
HBG1-14 Hobgoblins
HOB1-5 Hobbits
KL1-5 Kobolds
ORC1-14 Orcs
OGR1-4 Ogres
OGM1-4 Ogre Magi
TRL1-2 Trolls

Minifigs Mystical Earth (unofficial LOTR)