Grenadier AD&D Small Boxed Sets

Grenadier's Small boxes sets were certainly the best miniatures offered by Grenadier for thier AD&D line. A lot of great monsters are found in these boxes and the organization of Adventurer and NPC miniatures into boxes of dwarves, Halflings, hirelings, fighters, etc. was handy.

(Full sized, better quality scans of box inserts are available in the Catalogs directory.)

2001 Wizards


2002 Halflings


 2003 Dwarves


 2004 Hirelings


 2005 Fighting Men


 2006 Specialists


 2007 Females


 2008 Thieves


 2009 Wizards's Room


 2010 Denizens of the Swamp


 2011 Orc's Lair


 2012 Dwellers Below


 2013 Adventuring Party



Pictures of Minis

101-116 Blister Packs
2001-2013 Small Boxed Sets
5001-5004 Large Boxed Sets
8001-8004 Action Arts Sets