Grenadier's AD&D Blister Packs

Many of Grenadiers best Monsters were to be found in their AD&D Blisters.  

101 Rakshasas
(Shame on them for making one of the Rakshasas, Hinduism's Titans, look like Ganesha, the Hindu deity symbolizing the sound of Om/Amen/Amin, etc.)
102 Bugbears
(The bugbear with sword was also included in the Action Arts Monsters boxed set.)
103 Orcs
(All but one, rear center orc, were included in the Orc's Lair boxed set.)
104 Lizardmen
(The one on the left was included in the Denizens of the Swamp boxed set.)
105 Djinni & Efreeti
106 Driders
107 Umber Hulk & Xorn
108 Goblins
109 Cockatrice & Basalisk
(The same Cockatrice was included in the Tomb of Spells boxed set.)
110 Golems
111 Kobolds
112 Wererats
(Rat at upper left corner is missing the tip of his halberd.)
113 Elementals I (Air & Water)
114 Elementals II (Fire & Earth)
115 Adventurers
116 Giants


Pictures of Minis

101-116 Blister Packs
2001-2013 Small Boxed Sets
5001-5004 Large Boxed Sets
8001-8004 Action Arts Sets