Ral Partha AD&D Boxed Sets

Ral Partha produced many boxed sets for their AD&D line. Four Dragonlance sets, two Forgotten Realms Sets, two limited edition dragons, four Planescape sets, three Ravenloft sets, two Birthright Sets, two dragon sets, seven Battlesystem sets, one game set, a paint set, a Monsters set and Heroes set, bringing the total to thirty boxed sets. Below are box scans of the bottom of the boxes showing the figures included in the sets.

01-504 Takhisis - Queen of Darkness
(Limited edition, 5000 produced.)
01-505 Dracolich
(Limited edition, 6000 produced, mine is #30.)
10-500 Red Dragon of Krynn
10-501 Draconians
10-502 Dragon Lance Heroes
10-503 Huma's Silver Dragon
10-504 Dragon Lance Villians
10-509 The New Dungeon Miniatures
10-510 Dungeons and Dragons Basic Heroes Set
10-511 Ravenloft Denizens
(The Lord Soth included in this set was also part of blister 11-064.)
10-512 Dungeons and Dragons Monsters
(Many of the figures available in this set were to be found in blisters 11-481 - 11-487; this set was also produced in plastic.)
10-513 Dragon Strike
10-514 Dragon Mountain
10-515 Ravenloft Castle Forlorn
10-516 First Quest Paint Kit
10-517 Ravenloft Mordenheim's Lab
10-519 Planescape Miniatures
10-520 Planescape Powers of Chaos
10-521 Planescape Powers of Law
10-522 Planescape Powers of Conflict
10-523 Birthright Abominations
10-524 Birthright Personalities of the Blood
10-540 Dark Sun People of the Land
(Most of the figures available in this set were also available in blisters.)
10-541 Dark Sun Light War Chariot
10-550 Forgotten Realms Heroes
10-551 Drow Elves of Menzoberanzan
10-560 The Horde Yaemun's Hoekun Clan Warriors
10-561 Billidum and the Ogre Marauders of Spiderhaunt
10-562 The Grey Blossom Regiment
10-563 Harag Skullsmasher and his Gnoll Raiders
10-564 Iron Lord's Orc Foes Earth Fast
10-565 Lord Harcourt's Knights of the Golden Way
10-566 Lord Soth's Charge
(The mounted Lord Soth included in this set was also part of blister 11-064.)