Ral Partha AD&D Planescape Miniatures

Ral Partha produced fourty-five blisters and four boxed sets for TSR's Planescape campaign. Many of the interplaner creatures, demons, devils, etc. are in high demand and these miniatures are highly sought for and in short demand. The miniatures from the fourty-five 11-600 series blisters are pictured below, the boxed sets are shown in the Boxed Sets page.  

11-600 Factol of the Mercykillers
11-601 Factol Ambar, Believers of the Source
11-602 Factol Lhar of the Bleak Cabal
11-603 Factol Darius of the Singers
11-604 Lei Kung, Chinese Power of Law
 Sculpted by: G. Valley
11-605 Thor, Norse Power of Chaos
11-606 Factol Koran of the Chaos Men
11-607 Mask
11-608 Freya
 Sculpted by: J. Johnson
11-609 A'kin
11-610 Estavan
11-611 Kylie
11-612 Shemeska and Colcook
11-613 Cirily
11-614 Djek O Narr
11-615 Fell
11-616 Jemorille the Exile
11-617 O' Sly O' Nye
11-618 Parakk the Rat Catcher
11-619 Alluvius Ruskin
11-620 Transcendent Order
11-621 Xaositects
11-622 Free League Bariaur (Male and Female)
11-623 Mercykillers (Male and Female)
11-624 Anarchists of the Revolutionary League
11-625 Incantifer
11-626 Aasimer
11-627 The O' us O' (cranial rat swarm)

No miniatures produced with stock number 628-639.
11-640 Greater Gelugon
11-641 Aasimon Solar
11-642 Tanar'ri Succubus
11-643 Erinye
11-644 Armanites
11-645 Hamatula
11-646 Marut
11-647 Cornugon
11-648 Pit Fiend
11-649 Chasme
11-650 Elemental Vermin
11-651 Dretch
11-652 Molydeus
11-653 Maralith
11-654 Barbazu
11-655 Black Abishai
 Sculpted by: J. Johnson
11-656 Doom Guard