TSR Monster Blisters

It is in TSR's Monster Blisters that their best D&D minis were to be found with many monsters being cast for the first and only time by TSR for these blisters.

5601 Roper and Shambling Mound
5602 Elementals
5603 Ogre and Cyclopskin
5604 Ant Lion and Piscodaemon
5605 Scag, Yuan Ti and Banderlog
5606 Vilstrak and Rock Reptile
5607 Kampfult, Quickwood and Two Hoods
5608 Phoenix and Aarakocra
5609 Owlbear and Polar Bear
5610 Neo-Otyugh, Azer and Korred
5611 Firbolg and Boobrie
5612 Rust Monster and Rakshasa


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