Dungeon Dwellers Boxed Sets

Heritage produced several boxed sets of miniatures. The early boxed sets were green and black and are known as the "green boxes." These were quite large flimsy boxes with a plastic tray to hold the miniatures. Later, they produced smaller boxes with a foam tray which where white with more interesting artwork. These were known as the "white boxes." Almost all the miniatures found in the boxed sets were available in blisters and the green boxes and white boxes had more or less the same miniatures. The exceptions to this were two Paint 'n' Play" sets which came with game rules and maps for a short adventure with the miniatures.  

White Box Sets

All the miniatures found in the White Boxes were also packaged in blisters. The exception to this was the Lair of the Dragon set in which the only miniature also packaged in blister was the large dragon with all other figures in the set being unique to that set.

 3511 Magic Users and Clerics


 3512 Fighting Adventurers


 3513 Level 1 Monsters


 3514 Level 2 Monsters


 3515 Level 3 Monsters


 3516 Level 4 & 5 Monsters


 3517 Level 6 & 7 Monsters


 3518 Lair of the Dragon


 3519 Giant


 3520 Demons & Devils


Green Box Sets

Scans of box inserts from the Green Boxes showing the miniatures to be found in those boxes. All the miniatures found in Green Boxes 3501-3507 were also packed in blisters.

3501 Adventuring Characters
3502 Roaming Monsters Level 1
3503 Roaming Monsters Level 2
3504 Roaming Monsters Level 3
3505 Monsters and Treasures Levels 1-3
3506 The Great Monsters
The Dragon found in this set was not packaged separately and so quite a rare dragon.
3507 Monsters of the Lower Depths

Paint 'n' Play Green Box Sets

3100 Crypt of the Sorcerer
(The orc and troll on the upper left are unique to this set. The remaining are found in the blisters. The orc is actually from Custom Cast.)
(3110 Caverns of Doom
Only the wizard on the upper left is unique to this set. The remaining are all found in the blisters. The wizard is very similar to that found in 1216.)



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